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Print Management

Streamlined Business

Your company’s success depends on your ability to manage growing volumes of information. Documents allow you to transform raw data into usable knowledge. The print management solutions we provide will increase your company’s profitability and efficiency by streamlining the flow of information through your business processes.

What Print Management Can Do For You

Most companies do not have the ability to measure print costs because they lack the necessary technology. New print tracking tools make it possible to measure your total cost of printing and allow you to track company, department or even an individual’s use of printing devices. The information can be used to implement cost control strategies and to deploy current equipment in the most productive manner.

Up to 30% of the costs associated with printing can be managed and reduced by setting effective print requirements. When you receive our document assessment you will receive these services:

  • We’ll arrange your existing equipment to maximize its output nearest to those that need it.
  • We’ll offer you high-quality supplies at a reduced cost.
  • We’ll offer solutions that will help you maximize ink and paper without losing productivity.
  • When appropriate, we can suggest devices with the most up-to-date technology.
  • You will be able manage your devices and track print trends, usage and cost down to the page.
  • You will know who is printing, what they’re printing, and which system they use to print.

To start managing your printing, contact us today.

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